Leviticus 20

What’s that, Moses? You want me to explain what I meant by Molech? Don’t you know what that is? No? Well, ok, then. Some of you people are worshiping this other god, Molech, and I don’t like it. In particular, people are dedicating their kids to Molech, and you all are MINE. If you find out that someone sacrificed or dedicated their kid to Molech, then execute him. If you don’t, my wrath will rain down upon the entire community that permitted such blasphemy.

Also, execute people who abuse their parents. And magicians, witches and sorcerers–execute them too. But, only banish the people that consulted with them. They’re just dupes.

Most sexual sins also deserve execution, with a few exceptions. Like brother-sister incest or period sex– just banish those sickos. Oh, and sex with aunts or sister-in-laws don’t deserve human punishment, either. I’ll just curse those people with barrenness.

Remember that if you don’t follow all these rules, I’ll punish you and not give you that land I promised, but if you do–then milk and honey all the way.


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