Leviticus 16

Then God was all, Ok, so I know Aaron is bummed about my killing his sons and all, but he has to understand that no one can come into my holiest of holies without the proper preparation. Really on Aaron as the high priest should go in there, and to do so, he needs to be all dolled up in full regalia, sacrifice a bull, and then bring two goats and cast lots to see which one to sacrifice. The winner gets burned for me and the loser gets let loose into the wilderness for Azazel. You know, Yellow Eyes? Anyway, all the community sins will be placed on Yellow Eyes’ goat, and it will be everyone’s scapegoat. Aaron will need to burn incense and sprinkle the bull and goat blood on the mercy seat, in my holy place. By the way, this should all be done on the tenth day of the seventh month, which will be a Sabbath day.

If all this is done, then it atones for Aaron’s and everyone else’s sins, and I’ll refrain from smiting.

After the ritual, Aaron will need to take off all the regalia and bathe.


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