Leviticus 5: Or, Even More about Sin

And God continued, Sooooooo some of the sins that require a, well, common person to need to bring a sin offering include refusing to testify as a witness; touching or eating unclean animals, dead or alive; touching some sort of human uncleanness; or swearing rashly in anger.

Oh, by the way, if the person is a poor and can’t afford a lamb or kid, even a female one, then he can sacrifice a bird, but only a turtledove or pigeon. Make that two birds. He can’t be so poor that he can’t acquire some sky rats. What’s that, Moses? Seriously, some of you people are that poor? Jesus. Well, then the poorest among you can offer a gross grain offering. I don’t want to be a complete dick.

Anyway, back to different types of sins and their proper punishments.

If someone is guilty of cheating on me accidentally, then that person has breached faith with me and must sacrifice a ram as a guilt offering. He will also have to offer me restitution, plus 1/5, of the value of whatever holy thing they failed to do for me.  Um….


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