Leviticus 4: Sacrifices for Atonement

And God still continued, So, when someone commits a sin by accidentally breaking one of my rules, but then becomes aware of his or her transgression, they have to offer a sin offering to be forgiven and ritually cleansed. Now I have different rules for different types of people. Say for instance, that the person who sinned was a priest, and therefore his sin fell upon everybody in his congregation, then the priest has to sacrifice a bull. Some of its blood needs to be sprinkled against the ark veil seven times, then some more has to be rubbed on the horns of the incense altar. The rest needs to be poured out at the base of the main altar. Finally, the bull’s fat and organs need to be burned for me, but the rest of it needs to be carried outside of camp to be burned.

If the sin is a collective, community sin, then you guys will need to follow the procedure I just outlined. However, if the sin is only that of a secular tribal leader, then that dude will have to sacrifice a male goat, using the ritual actions as with the bull. If the transgressor is a merely common person, then he or she can sacrifice a female goat or lamb instead, I guess.


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