Exodus 31

Moses still looked really skeptical about the Hebrews accomplishing all of God’s demands because God was all, Seriously, Moses, stop worrying. I’m going to inspire everyone so that they do their bestest best work. And I’ve super-inspired Bezalel, Hur’s grandson of the tribe of Judah and Oholiab of the tribe of Dan. They’ll in charge of it all and they’ll do great work! I promise. They’re already great smiths, jewelers and wood carvers, and with my breath of extra-special inspiration, they’ll be preternaturally awesome.

But Moses, don’t forget while you all are building all this to keep the Sabbath. Anyone who does work on that day should be executed. I think that’s got to be all for now because my spidey senses are telling me the Hebrews are getting into trouble. You better head down to check on them, dude.

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