Exodus 27

God paused for a minute, contemplating Its future home and what else It envisioned to make it perfect. Then It was all, you know, Moses, I still don’t think that’s enough privacy for me. I think that the pavilion should also be surrounded by an open courtyard that’s 150 by 75 feet. The courtyard should be enclosed by woven hangings closed with silver clasps and suspended from bronzed acacia pillars.

I am also going to need a more permanent–and fabulous–altar than the stone ones you guys have been using. Stone would completely clash with the new digs. Of course this new altar will need to be made from bronzed acacia wood–I like things to match. It will need to be a seven by seven foot square that’s four and a half feet high–you guys are short. The altar will need horns of bronze too. And since I like my meat burned, you will need to make ash pots, shovels, forks, etc. all out of bronze too.

Oh, and this thing will also need to be carried around, so put bronze rings on it with matching bronzed acacia wood poles.

Ok, so the only oil I like is finely beaten olive oil–so tell the people that only extra virgin will do.

By the way, did I mention that I expect Aaron and his sons (and their progeny) to be my servants–er I mean priests–to tend to all of this?

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