Exodus 26

Ok, Moses, now we need to discuss the sanctuary itself. I like my privacy, so this tent is going to need to be huge and many layered. Oh, this is going to be so fabulous, Moses! I’m getting excited just describing it !

All the furniture needs to be enclosed in a tabernacle made from ten curtains that have been woven from the scarlet, purple, and blue yarns and the linen. The curtains should be made with a repeating cherubim pattern and should each be around 42 by 6 feet. Each curtain will need blue loops on its edges so that they all be attached together with golden clasps.

To surround this, you will need to make a pavilion, constructed from eleven goat hair curtains. Each of these curtains needs to be 45 by 6 feet, and they will also need loops so that you can close them with clasps made of bronze (I prefer to keep the gold to myself).  The roof of the pavilion should be made from the tanned rams’ and goats’ skins.

The pavilion and tabernacle will be held up with gilded acacia wood frames with silver bases.

But I think I still might need a bit more privacy, so you should also make a veil to match the curtains that you can hang over the seat to separate it from the table and stuff. You’ll need to make gilded acacia wood pillars for that, of course.

Hmmm….. I suppose I will need something to cover the outer doorway, too…. So make an embroidered screen out of some of that yarn and hang it over the doorway on gilded acacia wood pillars with bronze bases.

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