Exodus 15

So Moses wrote a song about crossing the Red Sea:

I will sing to the Lord, my God.
It drowned the Egyptians.
God is totally awesome, yeah.
Pharaoh is having conniptions. 

God is so awesome and mighty.
It makes the wind blow hard.
It makes the seas to ebb and flow.
It leaves the earth so charred.

What God is like our God, I ask?
Our God is the best God.
Philistines, Moabites, Edomites, Amorites
all tremble at our God.

God will lead us to Canaan land,
A land of milk and honey.
It will clear out our enemies.
The carnage will be funny.

Then Miriam, Aaron and Moses’s sister (and a prophetess) got out her tambourine and led all the women in singing this song and dancing.

The Hebrews traveled another three days, but then they ran out of water. The water in that part of the desert was full of bitter, toxic minerals. They forgot their previous vow of never doubting God and Moses again, and began grousing, complaining and threatening Moses. Moses asked God what to do, and God told him to throw that log over there into that pool of water because that’d make the water safe or something. Moses did and everybody drank their fill. Then God reminded the Hebrews that It expected them to follow Its rules and if they didn’t, it would smite them with disease.

Not too long after, the Hebrews reached the Oasis of Elim and made camp.

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