Exodus 13

So Moses reminded everyone that they needed to keep Passover every year, even after they had conquered Canaan, by eating unleavened bread for a week and by having a huge feast on the seventh day, all in order to commemorate the exodus from Egypt.

God also told Moses that all firstborn (male) humans and animals belonged to It, so Moses told everyone this rule too. He explained that firstborn male goats and sheep were to be sacrificed to God. Donkeys, however, could be redeemed with a lamb, but if they weren’t redeemed, their necks needed to be broken. Humans were also supposed to be redeemed by a lamb. This was all to be done to commemorate God’s smiting of the firstborn in Egypt.

God decided that it would be prudent to lead the Hebrews the long way round to Canaan because It knew that if It led them the more direct way through Philistine, there would inevitably be war, and It didn’t want them to get too discouraged too soon. So instead, God led them to the Red Sea. It took the form of a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night for the Hebrews to follow.

Oh, and Moses made sure that they had taken Joseph’s bones with them, as promised.

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