Exodus 9: Plagues of Livestock Death and Hail

Then God told Moses to go through the routine with Pharaoh again, only to threaten him with the death of all the livestock this time. But It was all, don’t worry Moses! I won’t kill the Hebrews’ livestock, m’kay?

So Moses went to Pharaoh with the same old song and dance, then all the Egyptians’ livestock died. Pharaoh still didn’t let the Hebrews go, because now someone had to haul off all the dead carcasses, right?

Then God told Moses and Aaron to throw handfuls of soot into the air, and when they did, all the Egyptians broke out in boils all over their bodies. But even this didn’t convince Pharaoh because God didn’t want it to. God wasn’t done with the smiting.

God told Moses and Aaron to go to Pharaoh again to tell him this time God would be causing a massive hailstorm. He cautioned them to make sure all the Hebrews stayed home with their livestock because hail can’t tell the circumcised from uncut. The savviest of Pharaoh’s followers took heed and sheltered their livestock and families that night too. And behold, a massive thunderstorm arose with tennis-ball-sized hail that massively damaged trees, fields, buildings and killed anything caught out in it.

At the eye of the storm, Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron to him again and was all, I was wrong guys. Go camping. Moses was all, ok, the storm will end after we get back to Goshen. It did, but Pharaoh again forbade the camping trip.

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