Exodus 5

Next day, Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and told him that God demanded that Pharaoh let the Hebrews go three days into the wilderness to perform sacrifices. But Pharaoh was all, who’s this God person and why do I care? They were all, It’s our God and It wants us to go three days into the wilderness to burn animals for it. If we don’t, It will get angry and cause natural disasters or war. Pharaoh was all, I hear you, Moses and Aaron, I really do. But you’ve got to see things from my side. Who’s going to do all the work while the Hebrews are away? Hmm? I mean, really, shouldn’t you be working right now?

Later that day, Pharaoh said to his underlings, clearly the Hebrews don’t have enough work to do since they are sending delegates asking for time off. Hey taskmasters, stop giving the brickmakers straw to make bricks with. Since they have so much free time, they can gather their own straw and still make the same number of bricks. And if they complain at all, find more work for them to do. I’ll show them to ask for a holiday.

The taskmasters did as Pharaoh commanded, and when the quota of bricks wasn’t met, the foremen got beaten for it. So the foremen went to Pharaoh and were all, how do you expect us to make so many bricks and gather our own straw? It’s impossible! It’s not fair! Pharaoh was all, blame Moses and Aaron. They came in here asking for a holiday, so I figured you guys must have too much leisure time on your hands. So the foremen went to Moses and Aaron and were all, fuck you guys! You’ve made our lives worse! Go back to Midian, Moses. Who wants you here!

Then  Moses prayed to God about everybody  hating him and stuff.

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