Genesis 47

Next day, Joseph took the five brothers he deemed most polite and polished before Pharaoh, and they genuflected and explained how the famine had destroyed all the pastureland in Canaan, and begged Pharaoh to let them stay until things got better. Pharaoh gave them a hearty welcome and told them Joseph’s family was always welcome. He instructed Joseph to settle them in Goshen and to hire those who needed work to tend Pharaoh’s ever-growing herds of livestock. Then Joseph brought his father before Pharaoh. Pharaoh was like, Ra be praised, just how old are you? And Jacob answered that he was 130 years young and then blessed Pharaoh.

So Joseph settled everyone comfortably in Goshen and made sure everyone was well-provided for and employed.

The famine kept dragging on and eventually Joseph acquired for Pharaoh all the money in Egypt and Canaan by selling people food. When people ran out of money to buy food, they started demanding food for free, lest they starve to death. But Joseph was no bleeding heart socialist and told them they still had livestock they could trade for food. When the people ran out of livestock with which to trade, then he demanded that they trade their lands for food. By the time the famine was over, most people in Egypt had sold all of their possessions, livestock and lands to Pharaoh for food to keep from starving to death. Only the priests, who were bankrolled by Pharaoh, escaped the famine with any property remaining to their names. Oh, and those Hebrews in Goshen.

After Joseph had acquired all the money, animals, and land for Pharaoh, he explained to the people that they were now serfs who would work apportioned parcels of land for Pharaoh, and would pay 1/5 of all their harvest to Pharaoh for the privilege.

In the meantime, the Hebrews were thriving in Goshen.

Sometime later, Jacob felt that his time was near. He called Joseph to him and made him swear that Joseph wouldn’t bury him in Egypt, but would take him back to Canaan and bury him in Sarah’s cave.

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