Genesis 45

At that, Joseph burst into tears and ordered all his underlings to leave the room, while the brothers stood there aghast and embarrassed. After Joseph was alone with his brothers, he told them who he was.

At first, his brothers just stood there stupefied, dread roiling their bellies at this new trick. But Joseph kept assuring them that he really was their brother and that he had no hard feelings–that it had all been part of God’s plan to keep them from starving during the famine. Eventually he convinced them, and then told them to go get their dad and their families and that he’d set them up real nice in Goshen. So they all hugged and kissed and made up and then the brothers returned to Canaan to get Jacob.

After they had gone, Joseph sent a message to Pharaoh telling him about reuniting with his family, and Pharaoh was all, any kin of Joseph is kin of mine! That’s awesome dude! Tell them to come on down to Egypt with their families!

When the brothers got home and told Jacob everything, it took them awhile to make him believe them. But after they did, he was all, ok, let’s go to Egypt in the morning!


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