Genesis 35

God then told Jacob he should probably move, but that It’d make sure no one retaliated for the massacre. God also reminded Jacob It had changed his name to Israel. So Jacob told his people to give him all their gold, and everyone gave him their jewelry and household gods. Jacob buried it all under a tree and then split with all his people. As the group traveled, Jacob set up pillars of stone for God in various places. Eventually, Jacob decided he should probably go see his dad, since it had been like 20 years.

Sadly, on the way there, Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin.

Also on the way there, Jacob’s oldest son Reuben started sleeping with Bilhah (Rachel’s slave that she had given to Jacob to sleep with), and Jacob had to put a stop to it.

Shortly after Jacob made it home, Isaac died. Esau traveled up for the funeral.

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